Armin Bähr


Name: M. Sc. Armin Bähr

Position: System Analyst and Data Scientist

Focus: Machine Learning Algorithms (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI-based Hybrid Model, Automated Machine Learning (autoML)

Background: I dedicate my work at EDI GmbH to creative problem-solving. As a System Analyst and Data Scientist, I identify data, build predictive models and collaborate with the business development team, project leaders and IT team to resolve issues and ensuring solutions are feasible and consistent. I received my master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Through methodical and creative approaches, I aim to develop innovative and customer-oriented products.

I integrate experts knowledge, numerical simulation models and neural networks in forecasting the behavior of complex systems. Currently, I focus on time-series models by using recurrent neural networks (RNN) especially long short-term memory (LSTM) to generate so-called AI-based Hybrid Models. These transparent and robust AI-based Hybrid Models empower engineers to understand complex technical processes and enable machines to autonomously make decisions based on the context of certain situations. The AI-based Hybrid Models are embedded in the EDI hive IoT Framework, a powerful private cloud solution with many standard modules to provide highly scalable and flexible digital business solutions with a fast return of investment (ROI).