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22.05.2020 BDVA i-Spaces: what they are, how to become one, value and collaborations


May 22, 2020 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CEST

Data Innovation Spaces are identified by BDVA as a key instrument to foster the Data Driven Innovation in Europe. They provide innovation and experimentation environments where companies in their respective ecosystems could have their data driven and AI related products and solutions piloted, tested and exploited before going to the market. BDVA launches every year a process to identify and recognize relevant initiatives in Europe that meet specific quality criteria in infrastructures, services, projects and sectors of application, ecosystem and sustainability (BDVA i-Spaces call for labels). During this session, we will present the concept of BDVA i-Spaces, the process and steps of i-Spaces labelling, the value proposition of being an i-Space and activities and examples of collaboration (ITI, chair of i-Spaces group). The session will also include examples of first-hand experience from three recognized i-Spaces: ITAINNOVA (DIH Aragon), UPM and Demokritos NCSR (aheed DIH).
More information about BDVA i-Spaces: http://bdva.eu/I-Spaces, list of recognized i-Spaces 2019: http://www.bdva.eu/node/1172
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