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Dr. Joseph Karianjahi Njeri

Name: Dr.rer.nat Joseph Karianjahi Njeri

Job: EDI GmbH – Engineering Data Intelligence (www.edi.gmbh)

Position: Senior Data Scientist

Focus: Machine Learning Algorithms (ML), Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI-based Hybrid Model, Automated Machine Learning (autoML)

Background: I have a strong background in natural sciences and specifically in weather and climate prediction (Meteorology). During my doctorate period at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), I focused on the dynamics of weather processes influencing large-scale precipitation extremes over Kenya. As such, I had to deal with various data sets collected from satellites as well as from Numerical Weather Prediction Models. Such data sets can be huge due to their high temporal and spatial resolutions requiring expertise in handling Big Data. To make sense out of this huge data, it was necessary to acquire skills in the areas of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Armed with these skills, the lure to work in a big data-driven environment where Machine Learning skills are required could not be contained. This is how I found myself working for EDI GmbH in Karlsruhe where I work hand in hand with other talented software developers to develop data-driven solutions. Currently, I am focused on clustering algorithms that would help in cutting down on the number of variables in a given data set while retaining as much information as possible and including technical meaningful features based on physical/mechanical rules and specific domain knowledge, to automatically generate so called AI-based Hybrid Models. These transparent and robust AI-based Hybrid Models empower engineers to understand complex technical processes and enable machines to autonomously make the decisions based on the context of certain situations. The AI-based Hybrid Models are embedded in the EDI hive IoT Framework, a powerful private cloud solution with many standard modules to provide highly scalable and flexible digital business solutions.

Nutzen Sie Ihren Wettbewerbsvorteil durch den Einsatz von Big und Smart Data Analytics. Ich freue mich auf den Dialog mit Ihnen.

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